Having a professional website presence is key to your author platform...
To be blunt, you MUST HAVE a professional property built and designed website in today's world if you want to be successful. 

While you can most likely find someone to build your website for a few hundred dollars, it is imperative that it be done properly, or you are wasting your time and money! You need to attract the right traffic.
Your site has to be created properly to be searchable by the major search engines, or no one will ever see it. 

Things like SEO tags, keywords, etc.are all key to creating a successful website. Specific design requirements and features are essential for viewer interaction. 
 These are all common errors made by inexperienced website builders, who really don't understand what is needed to create a proper and functional business website.

Our author websites look great, function exactly as they should and are properly built so they are easily found in all search engines. 

Our team of professional graphic artists and web designers will create an amazing website, fully-branded specifically for you with your logo (if applicable) colors, fonts and content. 
  • Professional logo and website design to feature your book, services and business.
  • World-class design and branding of your business and you, the author.  
  • Five core pages - Home - About - Book - Praise - Contact. However, you can add as many additional pages* as you like.
  • ​Blogging platform to drive massive traffic to your site, and gives you a platform to communicate with your audience and keep them engaged. This affords you opportunities to stay connected and SELL them your services so you can generate $$.
  • ​Strong call to action including your AMD (attraction Marketing Device) and link to your SQP, offering a free download of your book so you can capture leads, keep them 'warm, and sell them your products and services. Remember, THE MONEY IS IN THE DATABASE, capturing leads is imperative to building your business.
  • ​Includes an opt-in (sign up) form and connection to your CRM.
  • ​Search engine optimization (SEO) & visibility, including tools for search engines like Google, allowing them to find your site and rank it higher in their algorithms - meaning more people will find your site faster!
IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers

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