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93% of books sell less than 500 copies in their lifetime, you certainly don't want to be part of that statistic. 

Amazon has nearly 20 MILLION book titles and the challenge of competing with other titles that are currently dominating the charts is enough to make most authors give up. 

With this campaign, we will make you an overnight success with bestseller status...GUARANTEED!
Here is what being an Amazon Bestseller means to you:
  • We GUARANTEE to launch your book, manage the campaign, and make it a Bestseller on Amazon (Kindle). 
  • You will be able to leverage this to use for your marketing and promotion of your book.        
  • You will get more media and more credibility because you’re an Amazon Bestselling Author.
  • ​You will sell more books because you’re an Amazon Bestselling Author
  • ​You can put “Bestseller on Amazon” on your cover and on all your marketing materials
  • ​Do this now and when you get to your Book Launch Gala, you’ll already be a Bestselling Author.
  • ​If you’re not from USA, you now have the credibility of being a Bestselling Author in the USA making you an International Bestselling Author like Gerry Robert. 
  • ​Other retail outlets and/or bookstores will be more likely to carry your books because you’re an Amazon Bestselling Author.  
  • ​You do not need to worry about time, effort or how to do this. You pay us a one-time fee and we’ll make it happen for YOU. This service is turnkey.   
  • ​GUARANTEED Best Selling Author Status on Amazon
  • ​Creation of a branding showcase artwork as an Amazon Bestseller
  • ​ABS Seal to use in marketing.
  • ​Update of Book Cover and Marketing Materials with the ABS Seal (sticker seal provided if already published)
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