The Rolls Royce of Publishing Programs...
Instant Author Program
Finally get the support, direction, and expertise you need to become a successful author.
Gerry Robert created the entrepreneurial book publishing phenomenon and his IAP program is a complete turnkey system that provides step-by-step guidance, mentoring and all the tools needed to engineer success. 
IAP Includes ALL This, and MORE!
There are many publishing options out there, but no other program provides absolutely EVERYTHING required.
This isn't about getting printed book in your hands (that's not the hard part) it's about properly engineering your success as a published author. There is little reason to write a book no one will see. There are thousands of 'writers' out there, who's books are siting in boxes, collecting dust. No one wants this to happen, yet time and time again we hear from those who have written books and had this experience. We provide all the tools to this does not happen to you, and ensure the world will hear your message.

From understanding how to write and engineer the RIGHT book, with the right title and cover, effectively marketing it, gaining media exposure, getting endorsements, generating new clients and building a business around your book...and of course how to write the best possible content, properly present it and then receive your beautiful new books.
But we don't stop there! We show you how to MOVE IT. We won't let you be one of those thousands of 'writers' who's books are sitting in boxes collecting dust. It's too depressing to put your heart and soul into a book, and not then be able to reap the rewards and celebrate your success!

We show you how to move the books and use them to effectively build your credibility. Then leverage that authority to generate revenue and get your message out to a much larger audience, while gaining momentum, generating income reaching more people with your message.

Our Rolls Royce publishing system including your own Project Coordinator and our expert team, who work with you throughout the process. Everything necessary to get your book done and build a business around it, while improving credibility, generating amazing exposure and creating multiple streams of income...BEFORE your book comes out! We will be here for every step of the process to ensure your success.
Accountability: The Missing Link
The biggest obstacle you will face is procrastination and life itself. We know it’s not easy, we know life can get in the way, but we will be here throughout the process to hold you accountable! We will make sure you’re on track. 

There is nothing like an accountability partner to assign tasks and help you achieve your goals. The truth is it’s UP TO YOU to get it in motion! Sometimes a simple reminder or a kick in the butt is all that is required. Other times it's TCL or compassion. 

Our team is here to provide whatever you need and your Project Coordinator will be with you throughout the journey. 
Included Features
  • Up to 500 Published Books are INCLUDED with Your IAP
  • Personal Project Manager and Publishing Consultant
    You are assigned 2 primary contacts who will work with you throughout the process, our entire team of close to 100, is always here to support you.
  • Fund it System
    Gerry Roberts proprietary do it yourself coaching program that can help you generate incredible funding opportunities, JV partnerships, increases revenue, and MUCH MORE. This component of the program has some of helped our authors bring in sponsorships exceeding $120,000. While many have fully fund their book project and generated huge increases in their business volume, as a result of their expended marketing knowledge and the structures presented in the Fund it program. Access to all training modules, video's, scripts, templates, and your own Money Coach.This Fund it system is an invaluable tool for our authors.
  • ​Unlimited Book Size
    Contract includes 112 pages (17,000 to 20,000) words. Nominal fee for additional pages or hardcover.
  • ​Discovery Intake Process
    You will have TWO personal coaches, who will help you determine the book direction, content and work with you to develop flow and 'find your voice' as an author. As well the coach will provide feedback and direction to help engineer your success by determining the Primary Objective, Target Population and the Needs Desires & Problems of your audience. This information and coaching is absolutely key to developing a successful book and gaining media attention.
  • ​Professional Cover Creation
    A book IS judged by it's cover! Our expert team of Graphic Artists have been personally trained by Gerry Robert to develop incredibly effective and beautiful covers that contain up to 39 emotional and psychological triggers that entice potential readers to pick up your book.
  • ​Professionally Crafted & Selected Title 
    Your title evokes a response from your audience. You want that response to be the right one! Having the right title can be the difference between success and failure. Gerry personally approves every title and is involved throughout the process with you, selecting and crafting the perfect title.
  • ​Internal Book Layout Professionally Created 
    The internal pages of your book must be appealing and entice the reader to take action, read more, and connect with the author. Our layout team create amazing personalized layouts that our authors absolutely love.
  • ​Editing
    A complete edit is done by a vetted, qualified and professional editor. This includes: grammar, spelling, text flow, redundancy and suggestions for content revisions or additions. Developmental editing is also available, if required (additional cost).
  • ​Professionally Created Marketing Materials
    You will 'look like a million dollars' with our materials. Designed by our professional graphic artists, these pieces are designed to engineer your success. You will look like a superstar and be able to open doors you never though possible with these marketing materials. Including Design of the Following:
    - Buy Now Card
  • ​Social Media Setup & Banner Creation
    We set up all your social media sites and professionally create your branding with banners for each. 
  • ​Endorsements from Ten Authors
    We will locate and craft 10 author endorsements for you. Having endorsements allows your audience and media to view you in a far more professional light.  
  • ​Squeeze Page and Data Base Building System 
    We create a one page website designed to promote your book with content, marketing information, and an awesome video 'teaser'. All designed so you can drive new leads to the site, collect their contact information and then begin the process of building a relationship, with an end goal to create new business opportunities.
  • Custom Designed Video Trailer
    We create a HD video promo for your book! Much like a movie trailer, this is designed for use on your Squeeze Page, in media promotions, marketing, etc. This can be a very useful tool!
  • Strategic One On One Coaching
    Throughout the process you will have the ability to request coaching with your team
  • ​Access to Black Card University & Gerry's Personal Data Vault
    More than 32,000 files for you to use and peruse. Entire marketing campaigns, letters, templates, much, much more.
  • ​Book / Author Featured on BCB website
    Use our high traffic site to build your credibility and showcase your status as a published author. SEO benefits for your own sites if linked to BCB.
  • ​Mentorship from Private Facebook Group
    You will converse with hundreds of other authors who have 'been there, done that'. This is a great opportunity to connect and discuss strategies with like minded folks
    We remain your partner for life! If at any time you need coaching, consulting, mentoring, marketing materials created or simple direction - we will be here to assist you.
Flexible Pricing Options!!!
The IAPX program is presented around the world, in our live 3-day seminars and online webinars. It literally takes that long to go through all the content and deliverables included in this program.
For this reason we strongly suggest contacting us for a quick no-commitment FREE consultation with one of our expert Publishing Consultants. This will allow you to get all your questions answered and we can provide you with a far better description of the IAPX program and explain everything that is included within the program.
IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers

We don't believe in get-rich-quick programs. We believe in hard work, adding value and serving others. And that's what our offers are designed to help you do. As stated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, programs or strategies. We don't know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We're here to help by giving you our greatest strategies to move you forward, faster. However, nothing on this page or any of our websites or emails is a promise or guarantee of future earnings. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites or emails, are simply estimates or projections or past results, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings - all numbers are illustrative only. 
If you have questions, email
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