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Inside Of This FREE BOOK, Here Are Just A Few Of The 'MUST KNOW' Tools and Insider Secrets Gerry has Included for YOU
  • PLAN IT SYSTEM - Get the right book to maximize the effect on your bottom line. Write a book…But Write the RIGHT one!
  • WRITE IT SYSTEM - Learn how to write your book in 40 hours...yes, you read that correctly. We WILL teach you this incredibly simple system.
  • PUBLISH IT SYSTEM - All the technical stuff and insider secrets you need to know to create a professional book, engineered to create your success.
  • FUND IT SYSTEM - Everything you need to fully fund your book and have other people pay for it! Make the money flow, long before your book is published. Learn the magic formula that shaped Ann Lim earns $5100 for a 15-minute talk...before she wrote a word. You can do this too!
  • MOVE IT SYSTEM - Getting the books is the easy part! No one (except us) teaches you how to get them out, into the marketplace. Allowing you to reap the benefits of being, not only a published author but one who has engineered their own success by doing the things required to move them. There are lots of writers who have a garage full of books...don't be one of them!
  • EASILY IMPLEMENTED MARKETING STRATEGIES that can generate 10's of thousands of $$ in income, BEFORE you even finish the book!
  • PRIMARY OBJECTIVE ADVICE you absolutely must know before you write a single word. If you don't know the objective, you can easily write the wrong book! Let us show you how to avoid this common error.
  • TARGET POPULATION ADVICE that will afford you the information needed to reach the right audience and generate the most exposure to generate a path to the fastest cash! 
  • DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCE. Learn how to understand their NEEDS, DESIRES, and PROBLEMS (NDP), so you can address these vary issues and 'wow' the audience with your content. Understanding this can be the difference between failure and success.
  • Learn how to best understand and utilize your PO, for the TPOP & NDP of your audience. Not taking the time to learn this key strategy is one of the most common mistakes made by authors who fail to write successful books.
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Bob Proctor
Self Development Guru. Star of 'The Secret' (movie)
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