When You've Got the IDEA but 
You're Short on Writing SKILLS, or TIME
How Do You Write Your Book if 
You Are Not a Writer?
We have the Solution! 
Know that you are NOT alone.

Most people are not expert writers or gifted with the written word. Sometimes even crafting an email response can be challenging!

This doesn't have to stop you. Your dream of becoming an author does not have to end there.
Imagine, being able to write an entire book in just a few hours. That would be awesome!

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Virtual Ghostwriter provides exactly this, and so much more! 
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  • ​Gerry owns the copyrights to these documents and we will provide you the rights, royalty-free.  
  • ​Virtual Ghostwriter is an amazing tool to help you free up time and get things done quickly, professionally, and with authority.
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More than 200,000 expertly written content options
REGULAR: $3500.00
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