No More Excuses!

End Procrastination, Get Focused, Gain Structure To Finally Get Your book DONE! 

How Long Have You Wanted to Get Your Book Done?
5 YEARS - 10 - 20 - 40 - MORE?
The Author Discovery Process. Allow our publishing experts to help you determine the fastest path to the quickest cash.
Title. Our team of publishing experts will present options based on your niche market, the needs identified and your growth plan.
Book Cover. The harsh truth is people do judge a book by its cover. The good news is one basic book cover version will be professionally designed for you!
Marketing Materials. Use them to start generating exposure, sponsorship, speaking engagements, book pre-orders and more. If used right, these tools will  generate amazing results: 
• Media kit design
• Advertising kit template
• Co-marketing letter template
• Actionable steps on creating a valid social media presence
From Idea to Print.
• You have full, unlimited access to our 40 hours Write It System plus a quick-start training from our very own Writer Coach who will take you through the basics
of getting your book written.
• UNLIMITED email coaching and monthly training sessions. 
• Training on how to choose the best layout and a designer to work with.
• Best practices in dealing with printers and list of trusted printers worldwide you can connect with today!
• Get your questions answered and your book going during our monthly mass writing sessions.
“Fund It” Coaching.
Access Gerry Robert’s proprietary, do-it-yourself FUND IT program, that can help you generate incredible funding opportunities. Thousands of authors have used Gerry's incredible strategies to fund their entire book project and develop long term business opportunities around their book. 
Multiply Your Business. Regular MasterClasses - live LIVE webinars and training from our expert team.
• Unlimited access to Kick in the Butt and Mass Writing Sessions.
• Tons of content and interaction. 
Ongoing Support through It All. You will have a dedicated Senior Coach and UNLIMITED email coaching. Your team is always accessible and ready to get you unstuck and moving towards your publishing goals.
Share the Dream and Celebrate the Results. You have full access to our private Facebook Group, an ever growing community of like-minded entrepreneurs.
SPECIAL OFFER!!! By signing up for this program, you are locking in the seminar price for the Instant Author Xpedited Program (IAPX). All payments can be 100% redirected toward the IAPX program, if you transition within 6 months.
With ELITE AUTHOR can stop being a 'writer' and FINALLY become 
a SUCCESSFUL published author
  • Our Tools, System and Coaching = Money and Accelerated Progress
    You get your title, book cover design, Ad Kit and Media Kit, right away. And then get busy generating leads, business opportunities and media coverage, all while you write, and BEFORE you have published the book. 

    Our proven system teaches you the key steps to make this happen and our team will coach you through the steps to finally get this book done and become a successful author. Receive strategic coaching through one-on-one meetings, weekly group sessions and monthly expert interviews.

    You can immediately tell the world you are now working on your new book, with YOUR publisher - Black Card Books. This statement alone will immediately give you credibility and clout! 

  • Inspiration From Those Who’ve Already Achieved Success
    Get inspired and learn from those who have already accomplished their goals working with the Publishing Accelerator team. Listen to recorded interviews with authors just like you, who’ve gone through the process and made it happen.

  • Accountability: The Missing Link
    This is the ULTIMATE DONE WITH YOU PROGRAM available. However, it’s UP TO YOU to get it busy and get moving. We know life can get in the way, things happen, procrastination sets in...but we will be here throughout the process to hold you accountable! This is the 'missing link' for most people, they want to do it, they just need a 'push' or gentle reminder. The Elite Author Coaching program is that, and more. We’ll make sure you’re on track. There is nothing as effective as an accountability partner who will assign tasks and coach you through them. This component of the EAC program alone, can make the world of difference and spur you on to complete your book...finally!
  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO OUR DIY TOOLKIT: This is the ultimate resource for any author looking to develop strategies and fully understand the publishing process. Every facet of the publishing process is included with instructions, templates, videos, trainings, complete library archives of past trainings, so much more!  
  • ​Discovery Process: This is a detailed analysis of your project, the content, direction and objectives. Working through the Discovery process will get you started on the right path to success. We will walk you through a series of thought provoking questions, while coaching you to define the right book, with the right content and the correct marketing approach. This stage alone can provide you with the clarity that has been lacking and holding you back from getting this book completed. 
  • 'Fund It' Coaching: Gerry Roberts proprietary Fund It coaching program can generate huge results. This program has helped some of our authors to bring in sponsorships exceeding $120,000. Many have fully fund their book project and generated huge increases in their business volume, as a result of their expended marketing knowledge and the strategies presented within the Fund it program. 
    Fund it will show you how to:
    - Generate incredible funding opportunities
    - Create sponsorship
  • TITLE: Our team of publishing experts will present options based on your niche market, the needs identified and your growth plan.
  • Marketing Materials: Professionally designed, top notch materials. Use them to start generating exposure, sponsorship, speaking engagements, pro orders for your book, and more! When used correctly, these tools will great amazing results.
    ​- Media kit 
  • BEGIN TO SEE RESULTS ALMOST IMMEDIATELY You will have the ability to begin marketing your book and generating media attention within just a few weeks of activating your program. 
  • Learn to write the right book in just 40 hours! Yes, it is possible. We have a proven system that will remove 'writers block' and procrastination and allow you to finally get this book done! 
  • Step by step guided structure to help you get the book edited laid out and published! Included:
  • Templates, mentoring and guidance to gain media attention and get recognition, interviews and create synergy. 
  • Information and clear direction to multiply your business and generate multiple streams of income with the business around your book.
  • ​UNLIMITED coaching and mentorship from your dedicated expert team.  
  • Access to our PRIVATE Facebook group where you can always discuss strategy, ideas, and direction with like-minded entrepreneurs.
This Is Exactly What You Need!
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